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Radio Shows

  • Isn’t it Queer
    LGBTQ news and commentary Wednesday – 9:00am – 10:00am Isn’t It Queer is a weekly talk radio show addressing a variety of issues impacting the LGBTQ community and our allies. We discuss an raise awareness about local LGBTQ news and events, but also offer our perspective on national and international LGBTQ news. @IsntItQueer (Twitter)
  • Professor Wittman’s Lollypop Shoppe
    The alternate universe of 1960’s (sometimes beyond) pop obscurities from the finely curated garden of earthly delights. Thursday – 8:00pm – 10:00pm Chris Wittman has been a collector of 1960’s pop/rock/electronic/garage/psych/bubblegum since he was six years old when mama sat him down to watch The Monkees while feeding him a fried hot dog. In 2003, he decided the world really needed to know Bobby Sherman had a couple of cool songs. He went into WDBX and told the station manager. The manager did not agree but told him he could have a show anyways. Much of what is played on… Read more: Professor Wittman’s Lollypop Shoppe
  • Her Turn Radio
    The name of the show says it all – celebrating the voices of the hers. Tuesday – 8:00pm – 10:00pm HER TURN RADIO turns the spotlight on the female voice. It’s an eclectic blend of music of all genres, past and present, the familiar and the not. I enjoy introducing listeners to music thats new to them that might become part of their soundtrack. Music has always been a huge part of my life and I love to share it with people. I am extremely proud to be a volunteer DJ at WDBX since 2000. @her_turn_radio_show on Instagram
  • Marvelous Music of the Midwest
    We will present all Midwestern artists on this show, as well as present our brotherhood dynamic on a public platform. Tuesday – 10:00pm – Midnight Brothers Dan and Ryan Milam were born and raised in the Midwest, soaking up and embracing midwestern culture. From REO Speedwagon and Styx to local bands such as The Copyrights and The Woodbox Gang, we would like to focus on the wide variety of marvelous music that has come from the Midwest. As brothers, we bounce ideas back and forth quite well and that extends our knowledge on many subjects.
  • Societal Discharge
    Punk rock along with any thoughts I feel like sharing with listeners Thursday – Midnight – 2:00am 90’s skate punk. I want to focus on well produced punk. Bad Religion, NOFX, Pennywise, etc. Occasional tracks from other genres, as long as it flows with the vibe of the show. On Facebook
  • Your Community Spirit
    A weekly eco-talk show with a sense of humor and a focus on climate and renewable energy news.  Friday – 10:00am – 11:00am Our hosts, Aur “Da Energy Mon” and Treesong, have been helping the show’s listeners to prepare for the end of the world as we know it since about 1999. In that time, we have survived many apocalypses. We hope to survive many more by keeping on top of the latest eco-news, interesting holidays, and local community happenings in Southern Illinois. The first segment of each episode focuses on eco-news stories that will likely be of interest to people around the… Read more: Your Community Spirit
  • Bring in the Night
    Two hours of music, guests, and discussions with Matt Martino Friday – 3:00pm – 5:00pm Bring in the Night is an eclectic show that varies from week to week, but has a general theme each show. Sometimes it will feature independent artists that Matt has worked with through the years. Other times, guests artists will discuss the music industry or perform live. And many times it will simply be a playlist of some of Matt’s favorites.
  • The Sarah Mae Show
    Classic rock, golden oldies, and folk Thursday – 6:00pm – 8:00pm While the show is mostly oldies, folk, and rock there will be the occasional ‘off genre’ song. I play the music I like so be prepared for some random songs!
  • Radio Free Shawnee
    Mixed talk show featuring podcasts, spoken word and music. Monday – 9:00am – 10:00am Diverse show touching on wide ranging topics including but not limited to the environment, politics, historical figures, art, literature, and philosophy. Covering also current events from the international down to rebroadcasts on the local level of speaking events and “on the beat” interviews. SHOW HOSTJames H
  • 608 JAZZ
    Jazz Recordings from 1920 to 2020 Monday – 11:00am – 1:00pm Swing Jazz – Gypsy Jazz – BeBop – Hard Bop – Post Bop – Cool Jazz – Hot Club Fusion Jazz – Jazz Rock – Free Jazz – Jazz Recordings from all around the World From 1920 to 2020 Great Jazz….. Cool.. Funky.. Classic.. Electric.. and all the rest!!!! SHOW HOSTChuck Leebens
  • Encouragementology
    Positive alternatives to life’s challenges with Life & Recovery Coach, Kendall Boysen. Monday – 9:00pm – 10:00pm I believe we all have the POWER to make a difference in our lives and the lives of the people we encounter. It starts with a healthy self-concept, a deeper dive into your personal story, some insightful strategies based on my research and that of the experts I follow, and a will to want more! I delve into relevant topics weekly, provide insight, thought-provoking questions, and new perspectives to reach a different vantage point. Weaving in a little humor and inspirational musical breaks, you… Read more: Encouragementology
  • The “Afraid So” Morning Show
    Carbondale’s #1 station for Hip-Hop & R&B, with the latest entertainment gossip and live interviews with upcoming local artist. Thursday – 7:00am – 9:00am The “Afraid So” Morning show is a radio show dedicated to Soul, Hip-Hop, R&B, and Rap. We play everything from the hottest new jams to the 90’s throwbacks. We discuss all the latest Hip Hop music industry and entertainment gossip along with social and world wide issues. SHOW HOSTSErikah Mona’ and DJ Juan G
  • The Worm
    Stories, science and tunes for the early bird. Yeehaw. Wednesday – 7:00am – 9:00am It’s nice to be back! I’m still finding my groove. Most shows start with a gentle good-morning-starshine and work up to a slam-bang vibe to kick off the day for you and your family. I try to include tongue twisters, stories, science facts, dance breaks, and silliness. No current events, no politics, no rants, no raves. If that’s what you’re looking for, you have many other excellent WDBX shows to choose from. I’m just a wandering summer camp medic full of trivia and I’m here to share. Please… Read more: The Worm
  • Not Your Grandpa’s Playlist
    Two hours of high quality genre and era unconstrained music. A veritable rock and roll stew with a touch of anything goes. Sunday – 10:00am – Noon Much like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get. And there’s no risk to you the listener with Grandpa Goon’s 100% personal guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied with any portion of my show, your next one is free. @grandpa_goon on Twitter
  • The Pearl Session
    This show brings the new, the old, the remembered, and the forgotten hip hop and r&b to the So Ill air waves Sunday – 4:00pm – 6:00pm We also talk about current events and issues and give a different point of view that may be a little unorthodox. SHOW HOSTSZay the Case, MeechieGibbs, Ray, and Jimmy Bones.
  • Dr. Oskar’s Listenin’ Prescriptions
    An eclectic, unique blend of songs and artists designed to introduce and “prescribe” listeners to new or unfamiliar music. Wednesday – 1:00pm – 3:00pm Are you suffering from played-out playlists?… Are you too busy to sift through music you don’t like to find something you do?… Is there not enough variety when you dial into other radio stations?… If so, then tune into Dr. Oskar to find out if Listenin’ Prescriptions is right for you! (Side effects may include: head bobbing, toe tapping, rump shaking, hip swivels, light giggles, involuntary wiggles, delighted ears, joyful tears, restless heels, and all the feels)
  • The Y’allternative
    Twang! Alt. Country and Roots Music Wednesday – 6:00pm – 8:00pm All the Twang-based musics ranging from mid-1900’s country and western, all the way up to the many variations of today including, but not limited to: Country, Folk, Southern Rock, Rockabilly, Cowpunk, HickHop, Western Swing, and OHHH, so much more. If it has a country influence, you’ll probably find a sample of it here.
  • Unintelligible
    Music that is hard to understand and anything glitchy, wonky, or weird. Saturday – 8:00pm – 10:00pm Mashups/plunderphonics from artists like Pogo & Neil Cicierega. Hard glitch, trap and IDM from artist like edIT, G Jones, and Aphex Twin. Eclectic samples and chill grooves from Beats Antique, Gramatik, and Troyboi.
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