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Meet the DJs

  • O.G. (Ol’ Girl)

    At WDBX since 2000

    I’m just an Old Girl spreading love through music.

    I love WDBX because it represents the diversity of Carbondale residents. I enjoy many genres of music and WDBX is the only radio station that plays them all.

  • Chris Wittman

    At WDBX since November 2003

    Previous shows: The Frodis Room (2003-2008), Apples & Oranges (2008-2013)

    I enjoy being able to share music I find and enjoy myself. In a way, having a radio program keeps the excitement of finding new (old) music enjoyable. When I find something I truly enjoy, I keep the listeners in mind. I have been on the air since late 2003. Through life we have some rough patches and sometimes those two hours on the air can be the best medicine. The station luckily remains a staple of the community. With ever changing economic developments in our area, it’s still one of the few things left that gives Carbondale it’s unique identity.

    Growing up, my mother sat me in front of the television to watch The Monkees. Not long after, she brought the Beatles into my life. Her old records were of those groups along with an array of other 1960’s (and beyond) artists. My thirst for more sounds from the 1960’s period developed and it still goes on. It truly is a never ending pool of recordings that may or may never have gotten past being a regional hit (or non-hit), a demo, an unreleased session, or even past someone’s basement. These are the recordings I seek and want to share with my listeners.

  • Jonny Gray

    At WDBX since January 2013

    I love being a part of the WDBX family. I like being part of something that is truly made for and by the community. I also like co-hosting a show that was started by others in the community and (I hope) will be passed on to others when I can no longer do it.

    When I’m not puttering about with sound equipment and software, I enjoy being a Communication Studies professor at SIU where I teach courses in rhetoric and performance studies and specialize in environmental communication. I split my time pretty evenly between LGBTQ and environmental advocacy. I am particularly interested in sparking people’s aesthetic creativity to address the many challenges that face us, and exploring those beautifully queer spaces where art and science meet.

  • Dan Milam

    At WDBX since 7/21/2020

    I listen to WDBX every day here in Carbondale. I love Carbondale and am proud to have been born and raised in this area. I believe in the permanence of community radio

    Born in Carbondale and raised in Benton, I’ve taken in a large dose of Midwestern culture. I’ve been playing music since I was 3, and the two collide naturally. Growing up in the Midwest define who I am as an artist. As a co-host of Marvelous Music of the Midwest, we will pinpoint the particular characteristics that make up a midwestern artist as we dig into all genres of music coming from the Midwest.

  • Static Gonzo

    At WDBX since July 3rd during the summer of Rona 2020

    I’m a student here in Carbondale currently finishing my AS at John A Logan and intending to study biochemistry at SIU. I’ll be playing almost exclusively punk rock but don’t be surprised to occasionally hear something else if the mood calls for it. I’m excited to expose some of my favorite artists to the community and maybe make some new friends along the way.

    I love WDBX for the same reason everybody else does; its wide breadth of culture, personality, and perspective. I’m grateful the station has provided me an opportunity to express myself and I’m happy to contribute to its cause

  • Aur ‘Da Energy Mon’

    At WDBX since June 1999

    DJ BIO: Aur ‘Da Energy Mon’ Beck, chief tech of Advanced Energy Solutions, educator and radio personality, has lived off grid for 18 years and empowers YOU to get energized with renewable energy. Learn real, fun, interesting and low cost ways to start living the off grid mentality now. Start Simply, Start Now!

    Aur is an energy efficiency advocate and is double NABCEP Certified with his company, AES Solar, installing solar since 1999. He is a founder and on the board of the Illinois Renewable Energy Association. He has a weekly radio talk show, Your Community Spirit, but he would like to be known mostly for Oil Addicts Anonymous International (a real 12 step program). For fun he cooks, dances salsa and volunteers with Rotary.

  • Matt Martino

    At WDBX since June 2020

    DJ BIO: I like long walks on the beach, going to the mall, and talking on the phone with my friends.

    A Southern Illinois native, happy to be home and playing a small role in the music scene.

  • Treesong

    At WDBX Since: 2000

    DJ BIO: I am a father, husband, author, talk radio host, and Real-Life Superhero. I enjoy hearing from listeners who liked my show or have read my books! You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

    I love the fact that WDBX is a community radio station that broadcasts such a wide range of music and talk that isn’t available elsewhere. I like to say that WDBX features every type of music you can imagine — and some that you can’t! I’m glad to do my part by talking on the air about climate justice, local events, and local authors.

  • I̵̻̊̉͗͝à̴̲͗̑͘n̷̝̅̚ͅ

    On Air Since 2015, Volunteer Since 2004

    DJ BIO: Keep WDBX weird! In addition to DJing I also maintain the WDBX website. I enjoy unicycling, searching for four-leaf clovers.

    The best thing about community radio is that if you don’t like what’s on right now you can just wait a few hours and there will be something completely different playing.

  • Sarah Mae

    WDBX DJ SINCE: February 1996

    DJ BIO: I like to play music without much talking. If you tune in you’ll hear classic rock, golden oldies, some folk, and even some more modern tunes I love. Be aware of the occasional ‘off genre’ tune or set.

    I love WDBX not only for all of the unique and wonderful programming but also because of all the people I’ve met through the station. WDBX is truly a community effort and I love that. Whether it’s just in passing before or after a show, volunteering at or attending one of our events, or even the process of training new DJs, I’ve gotten to acquire several new friends I may never have met otherwise.

  • StarChild

    WDBX DJ SINCE: Before I was married to my sweet precious wife. Been married 12 plus.

    DJ BIO: “@–)— :O)” is my broadcast goal. If I can help just one person to laugh and forget problems, that is my goal. :O)

    May you be filled with love and kindness. May you be peaceful and at ease. And may you be well. Can’t we all just get along on this teeny little thing called earth!

  • Kendell Boysen

    WDBX DJ SINCE: November 2018

    DJ BIO: I’m a Professional Life & Addiction Recovery Coach and director of multiple support groups in the area. I love to #sharelearngrow and connecting people is the best way to do that! I started with WDBX with the hopes of providing positive alternatives to some of life’s challenges. It’s a fun way to pick up meaningful tools for your own journey to self-discovery.

    I love community radio and especially the dedication and energy of WDBX. It’s so important to give community members a voice and we have a strong and diverse group. Connecting, informing, and entertaining in this manner is important for our are and adds a level of community spirit that can’t be matched.

  • Ferris Oxide

    WDBX DJ SINCE: 2015

    DJ BIO: Hey howdy hey I just love talkin’ and I’m getting a handle on reeling in the shriekin’.

    I was born on the floor in Murphysboro, raised in the back room in Makanda, and refined to a luxurious laminate in Carbondale. I’m a slice of baloney on the car paint of Jackson County and while we’re not all in the same boat, we’re all in the same storm. Yeehaw.

  • Dr. Oskar

    WDBX DJ SINCE: June 2018

    DJ BIO: Too many radio stations, commercial and non-commercial rely too much (in my opinion) on replaying the same material too often. WDBX Dj’s do a great job of not following that norm. However Dr. Oskar guarantees a new, unique show every week, without replays unless a song is requested to replay. There’s too much unheard music out there that deserves radio airtime, and listeners deserve to hear it. So Dr. Oskar is here to “prescribe” it!

    The variety anyone can experience on any given day is what makes this station and the community it serves so special.

  • Joe Swank

    WDBX DJ SINCE: 5/21/20 (previously 1998-2001)

    DJ BIO: From the late 80’s through the late 90’s I worked commercial radio at several local stations (WDDD & WOOZ), as well as commercial stations in Springfield/Taylorville, Il. – Hawesville, KY and Tell City, IN. I did my first run on WDBX from 1998-2001. I also did this show for about 5 years give or take (2002-2007?), at WCOM in Carrboro/Chapel Hill, NC. I returned to WDBX in May of 2015.

    I’ve lived in several states and cities, Carbondale is home. 🙂 The best part of coming back into the WDBX fold, is hearing from folks that used to listen to the show in the 90’s. Repeat customers are the best. 😉

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