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  • Kendell Boysen

    WDBX DJ SINCE: November 2018

    DJ BIO: I’m a Professional Life & Addiction Recovery Coach and director of multiple support groups in the area. I love to #sharelearngrow and connecting people is the best way to do that! I started with WDBX with the hopes of providing positive alternatives to some of life’s challenges. It’s a fun way to pick up meaningful tools for your own journey to self-discovery.

    I love community radio and especially the dedication and energy of WDBX. It’s so important to give community members a voice and we have a strong and diverse group. Connecting, informing, and entertaining in this manner is important for our are and adds a level of community spirit that can’t be matched.

  • I̵̻̊̉͗͝à̴̲͗̑͘n̷̝̅̚ͅ

    On Air Since 2015, Volunteer Since 2004

    DJ BIO: Keep WDBX weird! In addition to DJing I also maintain the WDBX website. I enjoy unicycling, searching for four-leaf clovers.

    The best thing about community radio is that if you don’t like what’s on right now you can just wait a few hours and there will be something completely different playing.

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