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Dr. Oskar’s Listenin’ Prescriptions

An eclectic, unique blend of songs and artists designed to introduce and “prescribe” listeners to new or unfamiliar music.

Wednesday – 1:00pm – 3:00pm

Are you suffering from played-out playlists?… Are you too busy to sift through music you don’t like to find something you do?… Is there not enough variety when you dial into other radio stations?… If so, then tune into Dr. Oskar to find out if Listenin’ Prescriptions is right for you!

(Side effects may include: head bobbing, toe tapping, rump shaking, hip swivels, light giggles, involuntary wiggles, delighted ears, joyful tears, restless heels, and all the feels)

  • Dr. Oskar

    WDBX DJ SINCE: June 2018

    DJ BIO: Too many radio stations, commercial and non-commercial rely too much (in my opinion) on replaying the same material too often. WDBX Dj’s do a great job of not following that norm. However Dr. Oskar guarantees a new, unique show every week, without replays unless a song is requested to replay. There’s too much unheard music out there that deserves radio airtime, and listeners deserve to hear it. So Dr. Oskar is here to “prescribe” it!

    The variety anyone can experience on any given day is what makes this station and the community it serves so special.

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