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DJ Training

Using the WDBX Network Share

WDBX has a NAS (Network Attached Storage) called WDBX-SHARE. It’s a spacious, redundant, hard-drive accessible to computers connected to the local network and WiFi that we use to store pre-screened music, show resources, underwriting, pre-recorded programming, show archives, and more. To Access WDBX-SHARE connect to the WDBX Wifi or use the Studio PC and go […]

1.0 Station Rules and Prohibit Behavior

WDBX strives to provide DJs and guests with as much freedom and flexibility as possible. These are not arbitrary rules. Breaking these rules could pose a serious legal or material threat to yourself and/or the station. Violation of any of these policies will normally result in a formal warning issued by the Station Manager. Repeated […]

1.1 Running the Board (The Arrakis Mark-15)

This guide will cover the basic skills you will need to know in order to run your show. Since every show is different (people talk, play CD, records, mp3s, and more…) you don’t have the be an expert in using all of the equipment to get started but you should be comfortable using the Board, […]

1.2 Equipment Basics & Training Checklists

Our board has a multitude of ways in which you can input an audio signal to mix live on air. The most commonly used input methods are: The Studio PC (Studio CPU) The three studio microphones (Mic 1, Mic 2, and Mic 3) and The three rack-mounted CD players (CD 1, CD 2, and CD […]

4.2 Issues Reporting to FCC

The public file for broadcast stations contains a variety of information about each station’s operations and service to its community of license, including information about political time sold or given away by each station, quarterly lists of the most significant programs each station aired concerning issues of importance to its community, data on ownership of […]

4.1 Equipment Problems & Basic Troubleshooting Tips

Try basic troubleshooting first Is it plugged in? Is the volume turned up? Is the Channel in Pgm ON? Did you try turning it off and back on? Does it work in a different CD player? Did you google the error code? If something is not working properly, notify the Station Manager as soon as […]

3.4 Overnight Tunes / DJ No-Show Procedure

If at the end of your show there is no DJ scheduled after you, you should take the following steps to put on the “Overnight Tunes” and secure the station. Open Winamp Check that the play mode is set to Repeat All Press play in Winamp, adjust levels and leave the music playing Turn off […]

3.2 Show Coverage/ Fill In Procedure

WDBX DJs are responsible for securing coverage for their show in the event of an absence.  Repeated failure to provide coverage for your show, or to contact the station manager in a timely manner for assistance — “no call/no show” can result in the loss of your show If you know in advance that you […]

3.3 Show Hand-off Etiquette

Show hand-off can be a bit hectic sometime. You only have a few minutes to coordinate moving and setting up one DJ’s equipment, music and other things while the other DJ gets ready to leave—all while keeping the programming flowing seamlessly. Because of this it is important to always be friendly, polite, and respectful of […]

2.4 Taking Phone Calls at WDBX

If you want people to call you, announce the request line phone number (618-457-3691) often. Answer the phone: “WDBX” or “WDBX, this is [your name]” You don’t have to answer the phone if you are currently talking on air or in the middle of something important. It’s okay to tell a caller they need to […]

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