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3.2 Show Coverage/ Fill In Procedure

  • WDBX DJs are responsible for securing coverage for their show in the event of an absence. 
  • Repeated failure to provide coverage for your show, or to contact the station manager in a timely manner for assistance — “no call/no show” can result in the loss of your show
  • If you know in advance that you won’t be able to do your show on a given day, work ahead of time to find your replacement.
    • The further ahead you can contact a potential replacement, the more likely they are to be able to work your show into their schedule.
  • Use the DJ phone book located in the studio or access the online fill in contact list at: linky or 
    • Please keep this resource confidential. This contact list is for official use only.
    • Start by asking the DJs whose shows are immediately before and after yours. They can split your show or one DJ may want to play an extended set.
    • Ask DJ’s who have shows at the same time of day or ones who have marked availability that matches your show time.
  • You can also make a post to the DJ Facebook Group or reach out to a friend who is also a DJ
  • When you do get someone who agrees to take your show, inform the Station Manager. Only trained, currently active WDBX volunteers may do fill-in shows.
  • If all else fails, ask the Station Manager for help.

If you have a last-minute issue that prevents you from doing your show, or will make you late, immediately call the DJ who is on before your show and tell them the nature of the problem, how late you’ll be, or if you’ll be in at all. They may be able to cover for you—however, the responsibility to find a cover is still yours.

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