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3.3 Show Hand-off Etiquette

Show hand-off can be a bit hectic sometime. You only have a few minutes to coordinate moving and setting up one DJ’s equipment, music and other things while the other DJ gets ready to leave—all while keeping the programming flowing seamlessly. Because of this it is important to always be friendly, polite, and respectful of other DJs during these transitions.

It is a good idea to have the phone numbers for the DJs right before and after your show saved in case you need to contact them.

Before your show starts:

  • Be at the station at least 10-15 minutes before you go on air
    • If you are running late, notify the DJ so they don’t get worried
  • Respect the current DJ’s process and space. Some people like to socialize, others need to concentrate. Ask what they would prefer.
  • Have your first song ready to go—a CD with your intro on it, an mp3 on a drive, etc. 

At the end of your show:

  • Reset the board to the default settings if you have made any modifications.
  • Prepare the Underwriting Spots on the Studio PC to be ready to play
  • Try to time the Underwriting so that it starts at :59 and ends on :00
  • Give the incoming DJ time warnings at 5 minutes before, 1 Minute before.
  • Ask if they have a CD for you to cue up or other content you can help prepare.
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