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1.0 Station Rules and Prohibit Behavior

WDBX strives to provide DJs and guests with as much freedom and flexibility as possible. These are not arbitrary rules. Breaking these rules could pose a serious legal or material threat to yourself and/or the station.

Violation of any of these policies will normally result in a formal warning issued by the Station Manager. Repeated rules violations will result in you losing your show, being disallowed from talking on the air, and/or being banned from the premises. Some violations may also put you at risk of being a party to a civil a lawsuit, being held liable for FCC fines, or facing criminal prosecution.

Serious violation of these rules can result in immediate dismissal/banning at the discretion of the Station Manager.

DO NOT use profanity. There is no list of words you can and can’t say—anything that is “grossly offensive” is prohibited. If in doubt, don’t say it!

DO NOT talk about indecent or obscene topics such as describing sexual or excretory organs in a “patently offensive” way. If sexual topics are addressed the discussion must have “serious literary, artistic, political or scientific value.”

DO NOT make derogatory or defamatory statements about any person regardless of status of public office.

DO NOT promote ANY business or service as a non-profit station we may not air commercial promotions of any kind. This include any “call-to-action” such as “check out …” “go see …” or “buy this record”. We can only directly promote events for other non-profits.

DO NOT engage in ANY promotions of a personal nature. You may not promote any commercial activity in which you receive compensation of any kind. If you own a business, you may not promote it. If you’re in a band you may play your own music, but not identify it as your band and you may not encourage people to buy your album or attend your performances. If you’re having a yard sale, you may not announce it. 

DO NOT play music or interview a guest in exchange for money or other compensation.

DO NOT make political endorsements. Volunteers may not advocate for or against any announced candidate or ballot measure. Volunteers may encourage listeners to vote, but not whom to vote for. You may announce a rally or speech or encourage general political engagement.

DO NOT encourage any illegal activity on-air.

DO NOT get a DWI “DJing While Intoxicated” You must be sober to go on-air at WDBX. You may not bring alcohol or drugs into the station.

DO NOT make a mess in the studio. Always clean up after yourself. Be especially careful with food and drinks which can damage equipment if spilled. Food trash should be disposed of outside in the public trash can on the corner in front of the station.

DO NOT smoke in the building. If you smoke outdoors, please dispose of your trash properly. 

DO NOT engage in dangerous or disruptive behavior.

DO NOT take or borrow station equipment or materials from the station except as directed by the Station Manager.

DO NOT damage station equipment or property. Damage other than normal wear and tear is your responsibility and you may be held financially responsible for losses that occur because of your actions at the station.

DO NOT harass, bully or demean anyone. You must treat all guests and volunteers at WDBX with respect and civility. 

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