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2.4 Taking Phone Calls at WDBX

  • If you want people to call you, announce the request line phone number (618-457-3691) often.
  • Answer the phone: “WDBX” or “WDBX, this is [your name]”
  • You don’t have to answer the phone if you are currently talking on air or in the middle of something important.
  • It’s okay to tell a caller they need to hold on, call back or that you don’t have time to talk if you need to take care of your DJ duties such as playing/cuing the next song, underwriting, or talking on air. Your show takes priority.
  • If you have a caller ask about a song or artist you may want to also announce the information on air in case any other listeners wanted to know.
  • Long distance callers must be the one to initiate the call. Do not accept collect calls.
  • Requests—You don’t have to play requests and should only play songs you know are clean.
    • “Sorry, I don’t do requests”
    • “I’ll see what I can do”
    • “If I have it in my collection (and know that it’s clean) I’ll play it” 
    • “I’ll check it out, and work it in next week”
  • Pledges/Donations
    • During a pledge drive, and sometimes randomly at other times people will call in to make a donation to the station. Have a friend help or ask the caller to hold while you get a Pledge form.  During a pledge drive there should be lots of pledge forms available. Otherwise you can find spare pledge forms in the back compartment of the Transmitter Log Clipboard.
    • Thank the caller for their donation and fill out the form collecting name and contact information and payment details. Put the completed form through the mail slot on the door to the Station Manager’s office.
  • Weirdos/Creeps/Jerks
    • Sometimes you will get callers who are rude, creepy or just plain confusing. Try not to get discouraged. Don’t take what callers say to be representative of how all the listeners feel. Only certain personality types will actually call a radio station; some people listen all day without ever thinking of calling.
    • If a caller complains about your show you can explain that we are a community radio station and that if they don’t like the music now they might like next DJ better.
    • If a caller makes you feel uncomfortable you can end the call and do not have to answer if they call back.
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