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Sarah Mae

WDBX DJ SINCE: February 1996 DJ BIO: I like to play music without much talking. If you tune in you’ll hear classic rock, golden oldies, some folk, and even some more modern tunes I love. Be aware of the occasional ‘off genre’ tune or set. I love WDBX not only for all of the unique […]


WDBX DJ SINCE: Before I was married to my sweet precious wife. Been married 12 plus. DJ BIO: “@–)— :O)” is my broadcast goal. If I can help just one person to laugh and forget problems, that is my goal. :O) May you be filled with love and kindness. May you be peaceful and at […]

Kendell Boysen

WDBX DJ SINCE: November 2018 DJ BIO: I’m a Professional Life & Addiction Recovery Coach and director of multiple support groups in the area. I love to #sharelearngrow and connecting people is the best way to do that! I started with WDBX with the hopes of providing positive alternatives to some of life’s challenges. It’s […]

Ferris Oxide

WDBX DJ SINCE: 2015 DJ BIO: Hey howdy hey I just love talkin’ and I’m getting a handle on reeling in the shriekin’. I was born on the floor in Murphysboro, raised in the back room in Makanda, and refined to a luxurious laminate in Carbondale. I’m a slice of baloney on the car paint […]

Dr. Oskar

WDBX DJ SINCE: June 2018 DJ BIO: Too many radio stations, commercial and non-commercial rely too much (in my opinion) on replaying the same material too often. WDBX Dj’s do a great job of not following that norm. However Dr. Oskar guarantees a new, unique show every week, without replays unless a song is requested […]

Joe Swank

WDBX DJ SINCE: 5/21/20 (previously 1998-2001) DJ BIO: From the late 80’s through the late 90’s I worked commercial radio at several local stations (WDDD & WOOZ), as well as commercial stations in Springfield/Taylorville, Il. – Hawesville, KY and Tell City, IN. I did my first run on WDBX from 1998-2001. I also did this […]

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