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O.G. (Ol’ Girl)

At WDBX since 2000 I’m just an Old Girl spreading love through music. I love WDBX because it represents the diversity of Carbondale residents. I enjoy many genres of music and WDBX is the only radio station that plays them all.

Chris Wittman

At WDBX since November 2003 Previous shows: The Frodis Room (2003-2008), Apples & Oranges (2008-2013) I enjoy being able to share music I find and enjoy myself. In a way, having a radio program keeps the excitement of finding new (old) music enjoyable. When I find something I truly enjoy, I keep the listeners in […]

Jonny Gray

At WDBX since January 2013 I love being a part of the WDBX family. I like being part of something that is truly made for and by the community. I also like co-hosting a show that was started by others in the community and (I hope) will be passed on to others when I can […]

Dan Milam

At WDBX since 7/21/2020 I listen to WDBX every day here in Carbondale. I love Carbondale and am proud to have been born and raised in this area. I believe in the permanence of community radio Born in Carbondale and raised in Benton, I’ve taken in a large dose of Midwestern culture. I’ve been playing […]

Static Gonzo

At WDBX since July 3rd during the summer of Rona 2020 I’m a student here in Carbondale currently finishing my AS at John A Logan and intending to study biochemistry at SIU. I’ll be playing almost exclusively punk rock but don’t be surprised to occasionally hear something else if the mood calls for it. I’m excited […]

Aur ‘Da Energy Mon’

At WDBX since June 1999 DJ BIO: Aur ‘Da Energy Mon’ Beck, chief tech of Advanced Energy Solutions, educator and radio personality, has lived off grid for 18 years and empowers YOU to get energized with renewable energy. Learn real, fun, interesting and low cost ways to start living the off grid mentality now. Start […]

Matt Martino

At WDBX since June 2020 DJ BIO: I like long walks on the beach, going to the mall, and talking on the phone with my friends. A Southern Illinois native, happy to be home and playing a small role in the music scene.

Rich Whitney / The Big Bad Wolf

At WDBX since September (?) 2011 DJ BIO: The Big Bad Wolf, a/k/a Rich Whitney, is an attorney serving as an appellate public defender, a political, environmental and peace activist, occasional actor, husband, father and grandfather. He was one of the co-founders of the Illinois Green Party and has been a candidate for public office. […]


At WDBX Since: 2000 DJ BIO: I am a father, husband, author, talk radio host, and Real-Life Superhero. I enjoy hearing from listeners who liked my show or have read my books! You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. I love the fact that WDBX is a community radio station that broadcasts such […]


On Air Since 2015, Volunteer Since 2004 DJ BIO: Keep WDBX weird! In addition to DJing I also maintain the WDBX website. I enjoy unicycling, searching for four-leaf clovers. The best thing about community radio is that if you don’t like what’s on right now you can just wait a few hours and there will […]

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