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How To

3.1 Emergency Alerts

If an emergency alert is issued the EAS may temporarily interrupt your show with an alert message. Remain calm. Do not stop any music you are playing, the message should be over quickly. If you were talking on air wait until the message has completed and then begin speaking again from where you left off.

2.3 Public Service Announcements

PSAs help us put the ‘community’ in community radio! You should make at least one Public Service Announcement (PSA) during your show. A good PSA is one that announces something that is happening in the local southern Illinois region that is free / for a good cause / educational / etc. Try to space it […]

2.2 Station ID

The FCC requires that WDBX broadcast a station identification announcement at least once every hour, as close to the ‘top’ of each hour (XX:00) as feasibly possible—meaning you can let a song finish playing but you need to make the Station ID announcement right after. The top-of-hour Station ID must contain our legal call sign […]

2.1 Talking on-air

Using the Mics: Talking on the Air Adapted from: The Microphones are one of the simplest pieces of equipment to learn the basics of how to use but also one of the most challenging to master. In theory all you need to do to use the Mic is turn it on and talk, but […]

Make Prerecorded Shows

Check the Underwriting Schedule Log to find out what underwriters play during your show. Underwriting and Promos can be downloaded from Google Drive Make your playlist Go to Drag mp3 files or from iTunes Audio Joiner adds a cross-fade between tracks. You will need to remove the cross-fade from all Underwriting, PSAs, and Promos […]

Entering Playlists Live In Confessor

Confessor has a live entry mode that can only be used from the Studio PC. Use the Confessor Bookmark in Firefox on the Studio PC to access this page. If you have already entered playlist information it will automatically load your playlist when your show begins. Press “Start” on an entry when a that track […]

Editing Old Playlists In Confessor

Start by logging in to Confessor at: From the Confessor Menu select : Playlist Playlist Editor Show Name Show Date The Playlist Editor page work much like the Playlist Entry page does, but there are a few quirks and differences to watch out for. Adding New Entries If you are entering completely new information […]

Editing Future Playlists In Confessor

Start by logging in to Confessor at: From the Confessor Menu select : Playlist Playlist Entry Show Name Future Show Date Artist, Song Title, Album, Label Enter the information for each track and click “Add”: Use or Google to find Record Label information if you don’t have the physical album. If a track […]

Download show mp3s from Confessor

Because of copyright restrictions normally downloads are not allowed from the WDBX archive but DJ’s are able to access these files through Confessor to download for personal use. Archive files are automatically deleted after 2 weeks of airing. Log in to Confessor Select “Show Adjust/Download” Select your Show Select the Show Date Select the File […]

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