Studio: 618-457-3691 • Office: 618-529-5900 • 224 N. Washington St. Carbondale IL 62901

2.2 Station ID

The FCC requires that WDBX broadcast a station identification announcement at least once every hour, as close to the ‘top’ of each hour (XX:00) as feasibly possible—meaning you can let a song finish playing but you need to make the Station ID announcement right after. The top-of-hour Station ID must contain our legal call sign (WDBX FM, with or without the broadcast frequency 91.1) followed immediately by the station’s community of license (Carbondale) .

The Station ID must be announced exactly like this:

“WDBX FM, Carbondale” 


“WDBX Ninety-One Point One FM, Carbondale”

Many DJs will expand on the legally required minimum by adding our tagline “Community radio for southern Illinois” after or by announcing additional information like the station’s phone number (618-457-3691) and website ( or by segueing into announcing the next topic or song.

You should not insert the anything in between “WDBX FM” and “Carbondale.” Legally these two pieces of information must be announced together.

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