Editing Future Playlists In Confessor

Start by logging in to Confessor at: https://nuconf.pacificaservice.org/login/login.php

From the Confessor Menu select :

  • Playlist
  • Playlist Entry
  • Show Name
  • Future Show Date

Artist, Song Title, Album, Label

Enter the information for each track and click “Add”:

Use discogs.com or Google to find Record Label information if you don’t have the physical album. If a track is self released put “Not on Label” or the artist’s name in the Label field.

Copy/Paste from iTunes

If you create a playlist in iTunes with the columns arranged to match the fields in Confessor (Artist, Name, Album, Grouping) you can copy/paste all of the song’s information at once

Entries will expand to the other fields when you hit Tab, Enter, or the Add button

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