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Date(s) - 06/05/2024 - 06/19/2024
12:00 am


The City of Carbondale participates in an electric aggregation buying group with 94 other communities known
as the Southern Illinois Aggregation Partnership (SIAP). Through this, the City of Carbondale has a contract
with Homefield Energy that keeps electric prices at a fixed, steady rate throughout the year, instead of
fluctuating as with other energy suppliers. The new aggregated rate from Homefield Energy will be
$0.091/kWh. This is a 12-month fixed rate from July 1, 2024 to June 30, 2025.
However, this summer Ameren’s rates are sitting at a slightly lower cost. The new price-to-compare will be
$0.08136/kWh from Ameren’s BGS-1 electric supply service this summer (June 1, 2024 – September 30, 2024)
compared to Homefield Energy’s new aggregated rate of $0.091/kWh. The non-summer numbers from Ameren
will not be official until late September for the period of October 1, 2024 – May 31, 2025.
The slight increase in the Homefield Energy rate from it’s previous rate of $0.08473/kWh to $0.091/kWh is
attributed to capacity costs increasing for our region for the annual capacity planning year running June 1, 2024
to May 31, 2025. Homefield Energy also had to procure additional energy hedges for December 2024 through
June 2025 and the markets have continued either holding steady or slightly increasing for energy commodity
If you wish to participate in the City’s negotiated aggregation rate you do not need to do anything further after
receiving your letter. If you DO NOT wish to participate, you must Opt-Out. Instructions will be on the letter or
you can call Homefield Energy at 866-694-1262 to opt-out. The deadline to opt-out is June 19th, however there
will be no penalties or early termination fees if you choose to opt-out at a later date.
Opt-out letters were recently sent out for the new aggregation rate by Homefield. There is an opt-out period
currently happening until June 19th for all eligible residents which includes the following:
1. Residents currently enrolled with Homefield Energy under the previous aggregation rate of
2. Residents currently being served by Ameren’s basic generation service for electric supply, regardless of
if they opted out of the previous aggregation rate.

Residents who opted out previously, or moved within or into the City since the last opt-out period, may still
have Ameren as their electric supplier and were mailed an opt-out letter by Homefield for the new aggregation
rate beginning next month. These people can opt-out now before the June 19th deadline and will not be subject
to Ameren’s minimum stay requirement since they will not be getting dropped by an electric supplier.
Minimum stay requirement from Ameren comes into play when a customer is receiving electric supply from a
retail electric supplier and returns to Ameren’s electric supply service. If they do so, they have 60 days to select
a new retail electric supplier and if they do not choose one, they must remain a customer of Ameren’s electric
supply service for an additional 10 months (12 months total being on Ameren’s service).
Homefield Energy FAQ’s:
1. What is the new electric aggregation rate from Homefield Energy? The new rate will be
$0.091/kWh as part of the aggregation program from Homefield Energy. This is a 12-month fixed rate
from July 1, 2024 to June 30, 2025.
2. What is Ameren’s price-to-compare? Ameren’s price to compare for their Residential Basic

Generation Service for electric supply will be $0.08136/kWh from June 1st to September 30th. Their non-
summer rate will be officially announced towards the end of September for the period of October 1st to

May 31st

3. If I opted-out of the aggregation program last fall, do I have to opt-out again this time? Yes,
residents who opted out under a previous rate but are still eligible for the aggregation program and
received an opt-out letter would have to opt-out again from the new rate to avoid being automatically
enrolled in the aggregation program. Opt-out letters are mailed to all eligible residents every time the
aggregation rate changes, regardless of whether you opted-out of a previous aggregation rate or not.
4. If I do not opt-out by the June 19th deadline, will I have to stay in the aggregation program? No.
Residents can opt-out of the program at any time by calling Homefield Energy at 866-694-1262. There is
no penalty or early termination fee for residents to opt-out of the aggregation program after having already
been enrolled.
5. If I opt-out of the aggregation program now, can I rejoin the aggregation later? If you have been
participating in the aggregation program with Homefield Energy as your electric supplier and opt-out now,
then you may have to remain on a minimum stay period with Ameren for 12 months before you are
eligible to rejoin the aggregation program. If Ameren is currently your electric supplier and you opt-out
now, you should be able to rejoin the aggregation program at any time.
6. Who should I contact if I wish to opt-out of the program? Homefield Energy handles all enrollments
in and out of the aggregation program. Please call Homefield at 866-694-1262 if you wish to not
participate in the aggregation program.
7. Is there someone else I can speak with about other questions I have about this program? Our
community works with AGE as our consultant for our aggregation program. Jordan Haarmann is our
primary point of contact with AGE. He can be reached at 618-203-8328 or

8. What is being done to help lower costs in the future for the aggregation programs? SIAP Solar
Inc. is a non-profit that has been formed with the purpose of building solar arrays throughout Southern
Illinois that will directly benefit our aggregation program. These solar arrays will take advantage of
government incentive dollars for renewable energy to be built at lower costs. Once constructed, the solar
arrays will begin generating bill credits to residents participating in the aggregation program.
For more info on the energy aggregation program and how it may benefit residents and businesses visit:
If you have any questions, please direct to:
Jordan Haarmann

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