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Date(s) - 04/02/2022
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Corner of Main St and Illinois Ave


The Peace Coalition of Southern Illinois will hold the Monthly Peace and Justice Vigil on Saturday, April 2, 2022, Noon to 1 P.M. at the corner of Main and Illinois Ave., Carbondale. April reminds us that our tax dollars are used to set our priorities and the Peace Coalition firmly rejects the war mongering supported by this military budget request: STOP ANOTHER HUGE PENTAGON BUDGET INCREASE!

In the proposed 2023 budget President Biden has requested an additional $31 billion to increase the Pentagon budget from this year’s already excessive level of $782 billion. The Ukraine war has been used as an excuse for this outrageous Pentagon budget — which is 12 times more than Russia’s military spending. The Pentagon spends more than the next 11 countries combined.

The rapid increases in the Pentagon budget are making us less safe, even as war rages in Ukraine. They will raise tensions with Russia and China, prepare for a superpower conflict, and put innocent people at risk. We must reject an all-out Cold War with Russia and China and the $813 billion Pentagon budget which shows us how Washington intends to carry out that mission.

Instead of war and superpower brinksmanship which enriches only weapons manufacturers and war profiteers, we need better public health care, affordable housing and an urgent “moon-shot” effort against climate change. This budget proposes to spend 18 times more on the military than it does on the climate emergency. Biden’s plan to spend $50.9 billion on nuclear weapons poses a disastrous threat to all life on earth.

The vigil will follow masking and physical distancing guidelines as updated by the state. Appropriate signs will be provided, but all are invited to bring their own. The next monthly meeting will be held on ZOOM on April 20, 2022, 6pm. For information about joining, contact

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