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Date(s) - 05/15/2024 - 05/31/2024
12:00 am


CARBONDALE – The City of Carbondale has been awarded $.5M in planning funding through the Department of Energy’s
(DOE) Phase 1 Energy Future Grants Program (EFG).
DOE Announces $27 Million to Help 40 State, Local and Tribal Communities Lead America’s Equitable and Resilient
Clean Energy Future | Department of Energy
Over the next year, the City of Carbondale, in partnership with the Village of Dowell, the National Renewable Energy Lab
(NREL), Elevate Energy, and Lawyers for Good Government (L4GG) will conduct a comprehensive pre-feasibility study
of what our community has been calling “The Energy Sovereignty, Security, & Democracy Proposal”, a revenue-positive
and replicable rural energy system model that fosters equitable American self-sufficiency and lasting prosperity for our
Nation’s recovering energy communities.
“It’s never been a question of whether renewable energy is coming to Southern Illinois. It’s already here. It’s always been
a question of who benefits. This proposal ensures that local resource generation fosters local prosperity,” shared Planner &
Sustainability Coordinator Lauren Becker, “My thanks goes out to every community member who has provided their
perspective on this proposal so far. Our team could not have won this planning grant without your insight.”
For more information, or to request a community conversation surrounding the proposal, contact Planner & Sustainability
Coordinator Lauren Becker at
“Carbondale prides itself on providing its visitors, students, businesses and residents with a unique mix of edge and ease. It’s a
cultural town, yet free of pretense, embracing the great outdoors as readily as urban sophistication. Here, we are open to new ideas,
experiences and cultures, so you are encouraged to both express yourself and be yourself, in all ways. That’s Carbondale…All Ways
Open… for family, fun, business, new ideas and a bright tomorrow.”

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