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Carbondale Local Liquor Control Commission and Regular City Council Meetings

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Date(s) - 10/25/2022
6:00 pm

Carbondale Civic Center


There will be a meeting of the Carbondale Local Liquor Control Commission followed by a meeting of the City Council at 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday, October 25, 2022, in the City Council Chambers located at 200 South Illinois Avenue.

The agenda for the meetings is attached. To view the agenda and attachments in their entirety, please visit this link:

Questions should be directed to the City Manager’s Office at 457-3229.

Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Local Liquor Control Commission and Regular City Council Meeting October 25,


City Council Chambers, Room 108
200 South Illinois Avenue
Carbondale, Illinois 62901
6:00 p.m.
1. Preliminaries to the Local Liquor Control Commission Meeting
1.1 Roll Call
2. Citizens’ Comments for the Local Liquor Control Commission
2.1 Citizen Comments for the Liquor Commission
3. General Business of the Local Liquor Control Commission
3.1 Local Liquor Control Commission Meeting Minutes from September 13, 2022
3.2 Application for an On-Premises Secondary Use Restaurant Liquor License with an Outdoor Service Rider from
A Better Egg, LLC d/b/a Sunny Street Café
4. Adjournment of the Local Liquor Control Commission
4.1 Time of Adjournment for Local Liquor Control Commission
5. Preliminaries to the City Council Meeting
5.1 Roll Call
5.2 Citizens’ Comments and Questions
5.3 Council Comments, General Announcements, and Proclamations
6. Public Hearings and Special Reports
6.1 Report on Tax Revenue Provided via Home Rule Status and FY23 Real Estate Tax Levy
6.2 Presentation and Special Report on City-Funded Housing Programs
7. Consent Agenda of the City Council
7.1 City Council Meeting Minutes from October 11, 2022
7.2 Approval of Warrant for the Period Ending: 10/14/2022 for the FY 2023 Warrant 1444 in the Total Amount of
7.3 Approval of Wells Fargo Warrant for the Period Ending 08/31/2022 FY 2023 Warrant # WF 08/2022 in the
amount of $120,849.05

7.4 Resolution Authorizing the City Manager to Enter into an Agreement with HMG Engineers in an Amount Not-
To-Exceed $162,920 for Engineering Services for Cedar Lake Shoreline and Gully Stabilization Phase 3 (CIP

7.5 Ordinance Adjusting the Motor Fuel Tax, Local Improvement, and Water & Sewer CIP Divisions Decreasing the
FY 2023 Overall Budget by $3,532,328 and Approve Changes to the FY 2023 CIP
7.6 Approve the Purchase of Body-Worn Cameras and Mobile Video Systems from Axon in the Amount of
$1,199,099.10, the Cost will be Paid Out Over the Course of Five Years with FY23 Amount of $317,975.41
7.7 Ordinance Authorizing a Budget Adjustment to Increase Support Services Division in the Amount of $60,000
for Additional City-Funded Housing Grants
7.8 Approval of Consent Agenda Items
8. General Business of the City Council
8.1 An Ordinance Amending Title Four, Chapter Sixteen as it Relates to Regulating Vacant Buildings.
8.2 Ordinance to Approve, or a Resolution to Deny, the Rezoning of Property Located at 4175 Boskydell Road from
AG, General Agriculture, District to an R-1-15, Low Density Residential, District
9. Executive Session
9.1 Enter into Executive Session to Discuss the Purchase or Lease of Real Property by the Public Body and the
Setting of a Price for the Sale or Lease of Property Held by the Public Body
9.2 Return to Open Session
10. Adjournment of the City Council Meeting
10.1 Adjourn meeting

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