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There are many ways to help WDBX as one of our listener-supporters! Join with your office or friends to sponsor a larger item on our wishlist, or help on your own with one of the smaller items. You may already have something we can use at home-- or we will happily accept earmarked donations for specific items as well. Thank you!

Replacement headshell/cartridge/needle assembly for turntables. Help the vinyl-lovers at WDBX sound great on-air with a $30 donation to buy new replacement assemblies. Nobody likes a skipping record!
Slipmats protect vinyl records, and keep WDBX sounding fresh. You really can't go wrong, so grab 'em on your own and bring them in, or send $20 marked "slipmat" and we'll pick one out for you. WDBX needs four of these.
It's shocking that we only have one of these shockmounts for our broadcast microphones! Help WDBX prevent loud bonking noises and mic damage for $100. WDBX needs three more of these.
See the round bit on the left side? WDBX will eventually need four of these-- called pop filters-- for each of our main on-air mics. Add one to our station for $50. Feeling extra-generous? Help us get the mic pictured as well. It's the industry standard RE-20, which sounds wonderful and could probably nail in a tent stake. Maybe your office or club would like to support purchasing one of these mics-- $450 each. WDBX needs a total of two more.
Broadcasting 24 hours a day, 365 days a year is hard on equipment, especially our computers. You can help WDBX by donating new or refurbished desktop PCs. For now, we prefer Windows 7 machines. As WDBX grows, we hope to use additional machines for daily audio production, video/audio editing, as well as a dedicated unit for our webstream. Consider us when you upgrade-- and remember, as a 501(c)3 organization, your donation may be tax-deductible!
Would you like to see more videos of live, in-studio performances at WDBX? So would we! Help WDBX get started with a gift of a GoPro camera. These are small, but tough-- and have a great picture. Go in on this item together with your friends, office, or team for just $250! WDBX needs one of this item.
WDBX gets hot in the summertime-- two ceiling fans will help keep everyone cool, and helps strain on the AC unit. Five-blade units with lights preferred-- white or neutral type color is best. As this is an electrical item, only new or very gently-used donations will be accepted. WDBX needs two of this item.
Help WDBX renew our sound-dampening foam with a roll or two of this stuff! We can almost always use more-- WDBX is growing! About $100 covers 40 square feet. Send an earmarked check for "acoustic foam" or e-mail us if you'd like to sponsor this item!
We don't need to own this item, but sponsoring a thorough carpet shampooing would result in massive DJ love for whoever makes this happen! If you're interested, there is carpet in the front room, the hallway, and the office.
A stick fan. Not very exciting, but really helps circulate air in the back rooms of the station. Stick fans work best, due to space concerns. WDBX needs one of this item.
Weather radios help us keep you informed of the latest weather changes and alerts. AC-powered units are preferred, especially with battery backup. $30 each-- earmark your check or cash for "weather radio". WDBX needs one of this item.
Imagine how great the station will sound when... oh, who are we kidding? WDBX's lawnmower is in slightly better shape than the Bucky Dome-- but luckily, it doesn't cost nearly as much to replace. There's more lawn than meets the eye, so gas-powered models only, please. WDBX needs one of this item.
With our application for a station billy goat denied, an electric trimmer is just the ticket for keeping WDBX's outdoors looking tidy. WDBX needs one donation of this new or gently-used item.